One size fits all?

You’ve all heard the saying One Size Fits all haven’t you?

Well in terms of social media this isn’t always the case.

We often have people come to us saying “why isn’t my business growing like theirs”. Well there could be lots of factors behind this.

A few years ago we worked with a lovely lady who created beautiful items, we talked her into sticking with Etsy, as she was getting sales on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter but not constant!! She has now made her 992 Etsy sale since 2014!! Amazing hey!

There are businesses like hers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that do amazingly.

So the moral of the story is Some businesses gain more on Facebook than others and the same with Instagram, Twitter and Etsy.

It’s about trying these things and sticking with it and experimenting. After a period of time you will be able to establish if this is the place for your business to grow or not.

There is no right or wrong social media platform there is just more suitable platforms.


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