Customer Service

Let’s talk Customer Service.

Does anyone ever get very excited about purchasing a product or service only to be met with poor customer service? Did you find this put you off?

Over the weekend I have personally approached 3 businesses on Facebook. 1 for Items and 2 for services. Out of those 3 I have brought 1 item and not because of their amazing customer service, because to be honest, if I could find anywhere else that done the item I desperately wanted, I would have gone elsewhere.

Why I hear you ask?

The one I purchased from, I was asking advise as this item meant a lot to me, but I was just pointed in the direction of their website, no help or advise was given as such.

One of the services, I emailed and soon after I received a, what I assume was, automated response, informing me to email not messaged on Facebook, I was busy so I thought I was email the next day. The day, however, I woke to an email telling me to read the above!! Mmmmm bit off putting yes?

The second service, I was very interested in for a VERY special occasion. The responses I was given to my questions was very blunt, not very helpful and the last response I couldn’t even understand what one of the words said? I assume autocorrect kicked in and got it wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️

So what is the moral of your blog I now here you shout!

Customer service is an important part of your business. So don’t be blunt! If a potential customer is asking questions, take the time to reply, make them feel valued, make sure they feel they are purchasing what they wish for, don’t make them feel unsure in your business. Make sure you read over your response before pressing send, and if more than one of you running a business, read the previous replies before replying.


~ Customer service is the key to people purchasing goods or services.

~ Customer service is the key to people recommending you to other.

~ Customer service is the key to people returning to your business.


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