Cancellation Policy


Cancellation of any agreement will need to be made via a written communication to S.H Virtual Assistant’s email 48hrs prior to the start of the agreement date.

If cancelation occurs by the Clent after the start date of any agreement, refunds will be given at the discretion of S.H Virtual Assistant only and will be a pro-rata refund of the remaining days after 24hrs after S.H Virtual Assistant has been informed of the cancellation and excluding any additional days in removing S.H Virtual Assistant from The Client’s account. (This is due to the fact that scheduled posts will still publish until S.H Virtual Assistant has been removed from the account). The client will be informed by email of the refund they are due.

Any refund will be made within 14 days through PayPal once agreed by S.H Virtual Assistant.

Any issues with the services provided by S.H Virtual Assistant will need to be made by written communication via email to detailing the issues with service providing dates and details of each issue.

S.H Virtual Assistant reserves the right to withdraw services at any given time for the following reasons:

~ abusive or aggressive messages, emails or calls towards staff

~ conflict of interest is apparent.

~ detrimental comments or posts made about S.H Virtual Assistant are witnessed.

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