So Facebook have recently made some changes and removed the ability to schedule posts on some Facebook pages, it seems not all are affected by this change 𝙔𝙀𝙏! For someone of the accounts I work alongside I have been using creator studio which works alongside Facebook and Instagram just the same as the previous FacebookContinue reading “Changes…”

Customer Service

Let’s talk Customer Service. Does anyone ever get very excited about purchasing a product or service only to be met with poor customer service? Did you find this put you off? Over the weekend I have personally approached 3 businesses on Facebook. 1 for Items and 2 for services. Out of those 3 I haveContinue reading “Customer Service”

One size fits all?

You’ve all heard the saying One Size Fits all haven’t you? Well in terms of social media this isn’t always the case. We often have people come to us saying “why isn’t my business growing like theirs”. Well there could be lots of factors behind this. A few years ago we worked with a lovelyContinue reading “One size fits all?”

When the going gets Tough

The current unpredictable times. Many small business are inboxing us saying that their business have slowed down and/or are not doing as well as they normally do. So I wanted to try and offer some advice to you all… It’s natural to want to hide away when the going gets tough, but it’s so importantContinue reading “When the going gets Tough”