When the going gets Tough

The current unpredictable times.

Many small business are inboxing us saying that their business have slowed down and/or are not doing as well as they normally do. So I wanted to try and offer some advice to you all…

It’s natural to want to hide away when the going gets tough, but it’s so important you stay visible and continue to share, post content, let people in behind-the-scenes. Your presence online matters and will help fuel your business when things pick up again. If you don’t, and you do hide away, then When things start to pick up people will be looking for that amazing business and when they get to your business page will look and think oh maybe they have closed or aren’t as great as I first thought when I was looking at all their amazing and current posts.

So DON’T hide away, but instead share how you’re finding perspective, offering service and assistance to others, or working through the challenges that have come during this time. That vulnerability is the thing that will connect us all right now when things are unpredictable. 🦋


Published by Sam

We provide affordable assistance for small businesses 🦋

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